Participant Assistance/Cost Award (PACA) Applications

The Commission will consider applications for funding to support participants’ contributions to the Site C inquiry. This funding is known as Participant Assistance/Cost Award (PACA). The Commission has Site C Inquiry-specific guidelines on eligibility for PACA.

Pursuant to these guidelines, the following conditions will be in effect for the Site C inquiry:

  • Interim funding will not be available for this inquiry
  • The eligibility criteria for PACA will apply (as outlined in Section 3 of the guidelines), as will the criteria for determining the amount of cost award (as described in Section 4.2)
  • No calculation for “funding days” in accordance with Sections 4.1 will be provided
  • The Commission will not accept budget estimates (Section 12.1)
  • Final applications for cost awards (Section 12.2) will be accepted up to December 1, 2017 (i.e. 30 calendar days after the publication of the Final Report on November 1, 2017)

Download the PACA Application form

Download the Site C Inquiry PACA Guidelines.

Please submit completed forms to